About Us

You Deserve a good cup of coffee!

AdobeStock_108622833_WMThe goal of the New Mexico Coffee Association is to bring public awareness to all of the great local coffee entities in New Mexico and unify the local coffee community as a whole. Have you stopped at a nationwide coffee chain for some “okay” coffee without realizing a local, attentive, friendly, delicious coffee shop was right around the corner? Probably. What better way to keep business local than having meetings or get-togethers at a local coffee shop? What coffee do you have in your kitchen or breakroom if it’s not perfectly roasted coffee from right here in New Mexico? We’ve made it easy! Look up places to grab a cup or bag of coffee on our Coffee Map or check out different events in New Mexico.

Our Motto:

New Mexico Coffee Association is a non-profit organization that aims to provide the state with knowledge about statewide coffee entities and promote coffee roasters, coffee shops, coffee retailers, and coffee enthusiasts of New Mexico. The association will strive to unite local affiliates of coffee and as a whole, we will represent the New Mexico coffee industry and promote the quality and diversity of the coffee trade. Learn about the roasting process or what makes the coffee shop down the street unique, and get greeted by a friendly New Mexican who never gets your name wrong.