About Us

AdobeStock_108622833_WMThere’s been a lot of drastic changes to the New Mexico Coffee Association in 2018 and we are excited to share our new direction. Our new mission statement sums it up best: our association exists to elevate, strengthen, and unite coffee professionals and enthusiasts. By increasing the opportunity for growth through education and collaboration, we know the Association will become an entity that showcases the collective love and dedication we all have to our coffee, the people worldwide who produce it, and the people locally who enjoy it.

Our goals as the New Mexico Coffee Association are:

  • Increase education about coffee in New Mexico by participating and hosting several events throughout the year
  • Be a resource for those involved in the local coffee industry and provide opportunities to learn more about the business of coffee
  • Promote collaboration and networking within our New Mexico coffee community through member-only events, competitions, and meet-ups
  • Share amazing coffee shops and roasters with New Mexico locals and tourists, and encourage them to explore all our state has to offer